Visualization of model outputs and other data that I use can be accessed in the future on this HTML5 website (under development). Also linked in the image below.*
A former webpage I maintained with WebGL visualization for netcdf data went down due to server errors.

An animation of geostationary MeteoSat images of clouds showing the MJO initiating and propagating over the Indian Ocean region.

MeteoSat images of MJO propagation

Here's an animation of model fields from an MJO forecast simulation done using the Community Atmosphere Model.

Clouds, Precipitation (bottom panel) and temperature tendency during an MJO (Oct. 20110

Tools used

 For some of these visualizations, I use a web visualization widget developed by scientists at JPL. It is a very powerful tool to visualize and interact with data straight from the browser. 

Acknowledgements are due to: Donata Giglio (SIO), Alex Smith (JPL), Zhangfan Xing (JPL)