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        • Subramanian, A. C., A. J. Miller, 2009: Eddy Resolving Ocean model of VOCALS domain - A data assimilation framework, 89th AMS Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ (Jan, 2009)
        • Putrasahan, D, Subramanian, A. C., A. J. Miller, 2009: Coastal Jets and Upwelling Events in the Humboldt Current System, 2009 AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA (Dec, 2009)
        • A. J. Miller, Subramanian, A. C., Putrasahan, D 2008: Regional Coupled Modeling and Ocean data assimilation, VOCALS 1st Annual Meeting, Boulder, CO (Mar, 2008)
        • Subramanian, A. C., A. J. Miller, B. D. Cornuelle 2008: Regional Ocean Modeling of the South East Pacific - A data assimilation framework, 55th Annual Eastern Pacific Ocean Conference, Fallen Leaf Lake, California (Sept., 2008)

        Workshops/Summer Colloquiums Attended

        2015 Workshop on Subseasonal to Seasonal predictability, Conducted by ECMWF, Reading, UK.

        2015 Workshop on Translating Process Understanding to Improve Climate Models, U. S. CLIVAR and GFDL.

        2015 Workshop on Stochastic Parametrisation in Climate Models, Conducted by ECMWF, Reading, UK.

        2014 Workshop on Tropical Dynamics and the MJO, Conducted by CMMAP, CSU, Fort Collins.

        2013 GASS/MJO-TF meeting on diabatic processes of the MJO, Singapore. 

        2013 First DYNAMO Workshop, Big Island, Hawaii

        2012 An Advanced Study Program Summer Colloquium on Weather-Climate Intersection Conducted by National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado.

        2012 Workshop on Physics of Climate Models, Pasadena, CA, Conducted by JPL, NASA.

        2010 Workshop on Inverse Ocean Modeling in ROMS, Conducted by Prof. Andrew Moore, University of California, Santa Cruz

        2010 International Summer School for Observing, Assimilating and Forecasting the Ocean, Conducted by Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment, Perth, Australia

        2009 JCSDA Summer Colloquium on Data Assimilation, Conducted by Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation, Stevenson, Washington.

        2008 An Advanced Study Program Summer Colloquium on Numerical Techniques for Global Atmospheric Models, Conducted by National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado.

        2008 UC-LTER Graduate Student/Postdoc Symposium, La Jolla, CA, Conducted by Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

        2007 ROMS User Workshop, Conducted by University of California, Los Angeles 

        2007 Workshop on Inverse Ocean Modeling in ROMS, Conducted by Prof. Andrew Moore, University of California, Santa Cruz

        2007 Post Inverse Ocean Model workshop, Portland, OR, Conducted by Portland State University.

        2006 Workshop on Data Assimilation Techniques in Meteorology, Organised by IISc(Indian Institute of Science) and ISRO(Indian Space Research Organisation)